Metagenics Serenagen 60 tablets

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Serenagen is a classic, comprehensive herbal stress management formula targeting individuals who are stressed and wired. It has been used throughout China since the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.D.). According to traditional Chinese herbology, living a demanding, hectic lifestyle deeply influences mood, mental function, cognitive processes, the cardiovascular system, the liver, and tolerance to change.
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I had been on serenagen because my accupuncturist said it would help "calm" my heart. After a few days I noticed that I was feeling especially down, and two weeks into it, I was actually depressesd. It took me a few more days to connect the depression with the serenagen. I am not prone to depression, and usually have a very high energy level. I went off it two days ago and am already feeling much better. *editorial comment* This customer's experience serves to highlight that these formulas are called Professional Formulas for a very good reason - they're potent, and should only be taken under the advice and supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you are attentive to any strange or undesired effects from any supplements you take, and report back to the health professional who guided you to the supplement originally in order to determine your best course of action. Thank you for your review, which has been left unedited. It's always helpful to get feedback, whether it's positive or negative.
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I actually have just started taking the Serenagen product and have nothing but wonderful reviews for it. I recently witnessed the sudden death of my best friend and work an extreamly stressful job. I informed my nutritionist that I needed something for the stress and help with my grief and she recommended this product. Today was the first time that I smiled in weeks.
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