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Xymogen Prostate FLO - 60 capsules

SKU 1872
Prostate Flo™ is a comprehensive formula designed to support male urinary flow, hormone metabolism, and overall prostate health. This formula contains a variety of synergistic, standardized herbs in addition to pumpkin seed oil, vitamin B6, and zinc. Saw palmetto berry is present as a highly concentrated, standardized extract.

This formula is designed to nutritionally support the health of the prostate gland.
  • Saw Palmetto has been used safely for decades to support proper urinary and prostate function. Its primary mode of action involves maintaining healthy testosterone metabolism.
  • Pygeum africanum has been shown to modulate prostaglandin and prolactin metabolism in the prostate.
  • Pumpkin seed oil extract provides essential fatty acids and nettle extract has demonstrated the ability to maintain healthy hormone metabolism in the prostate cells.
  • Zinc has been added for its traditional role in healthy prostatic function.

XYMOGEN's Exclusive Professional Formulas are available through select licensed health care professionals. makes XYMOGEN formulas available only to patients of our facility. If you are a patient of Life Science Pharmacy, you may inquire about XYMOGEN by calling (888) 781-7613.
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