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Vegetarian and Vegan Protein

There are many great sources of protein not derived from animals that are perfect for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking for a premium quality, high-protein supplement that is filling, energy-boosting, and easily digested. Pea, hemp and rice are all alternatives that are not only high in protein, but also include other benefits like amino acids and fiber.

Hemp - Hemp protein is usually very pure, since it is just ground hemp seeds. It is a balanced, complete source of vegan protein that contains around 10 essential amino acids. Hemp protein’s far-reaching, health-promoting properties have brought it to “whole body superfood” status. The soluble fiber in hemp protein promotes healthy digestion while the amino acids help to support overall wellbeing.

Rice - Rice protein is often used because of its low incidence of allergenicity (it is more likely for dairy or soy protein to cause an allergic reaction). Rice protein is a complex carbohydrate with a broad profile of amino acids and naturally contains essential nutrients such as thiamin, iron, phosphorus and potassium.

Pea Protein Isolate - Protein from yellow peas (Pisum ativum), also known as “split peas”, has vital biological value and balanced nutrition. It is highly regarded for its ease of absorption and offers advantages for healthy weight management and peak athletic performance. This type of protein is well utilized by the body and is easily digested. For a natural, vegetarian protein source we recommend Olympian Labs' Pea Protein.

Chia - The benefits of chia seeds go far beyond sprouting out of a clay head. This superfood was a staple for Incan, Mayan and Aztec cultures for its endurance-boosting and medicinal properties. Chia’s soluble fiber absorbs twelve times its weight in water, which promotes a feeling of fullness, prolongs hydration and enhances endurance. Chia is perfect for people on a healthy weight management and exercise regimen, as it supports peak vitality.

Blends - People who would like the benefits of all of the sources of vegetarian protein can find all four in a blend, such as LifeTime's Life's Basics Plant Protein. Garden of Life makes an organic meal replacement, Raw Meal, which is another blend that is rather unique - it provides protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals that would all be found in a healthy meal of raw foods.

Soy - Although soy is widely marketed in the U.S., processed soy actually promotes carcinogenic estrogen and thus should be avoided.

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